The Homing Cannon is the 4th trap in the game so far and is a stationary projectile shooter trap. It targets the thief and fires bullets towards him in regular intervals of 2s. The cannon itself isn't dangerous, only its bullets will kill the thief upon contact.


  • Level 1-6: Green cannon with one eye and a gear at the back.
  • Level 7-14: Added a golden nozzle at the front and a line between the eye and the lower part of the cannon.
  • Level 15-30: The trap has a nozzle now made of a diamond and a blue eye, the cannon's face is bigger now.

Homing Cannon Tricks

Sniper Jump

The Sniper Jump explained below can also be overcomed by a very early jump to the wall and slide down to dodge the bullet.

King of Thieves How To Do "Sniper Jump"11:49

King of Thieves How To Do "Sniper Jump"

Sniper Jump

Flash Jump

Flash Jump explained in the video below:

King of Thieves How To Do "Flash Jump"13:04

King of Thieves How To Do "Flash Jump"

Flash Jump

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