Magic items are special ingredients that can be obtained after the completion of a ritual or by buying them in the store. The magic items can be leaves, powders, mushrooms and eyeballs. Magic items are used to craft and upgrade thrones, and to obtain costumes in Style o' Thief.


Leaves (Leaf16) are the cheapest and easiest magic items to get. You can use leaves to craft Brave Heart. It costs 10 orbs in the shop.


Powders (Sand16) are rarer than leaves. You can use them to craft Wealthy Duke and Lucky Crystal. It costs 35 orbs in the shop.


Mushrooms (Mushroom) are rarer than powders, and even rarer than leaves. You can use them to craft Wealthy Duke, Lucky Crystal, Wise Judge, Sun Lit and Foreseer . It costs 95 orbs in the shop.



The Eyeball (Blue Eye), the best and rarest magic item in the game.

Eyeballs (Eyeball-0) are the rarest magic items, and they cannot be obtained at the first zone's totems. You can use them to craft Wise Judge, Sun Lit and Foreseer. It costs 295 orbs in the shop. 


All the values were rounded to make it easier to understand.

Zone Leaves Powder Mushroom Eyeball
1 ?% (Leaf16>Sand16) ?% (Sand16>Mushroom) ?% 0%
2 40% 35% 20% 5%
3 35% 35% 20% 10%
4 35% 35% 20% 10%
5 35% 35% 20% 10%


  • The price of magic items are very expensive, thus buying them in the store should be avoided at all times (unless really necessary).

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