The Ricochet is a movable Trap that kills the thief on impact. It ricochets off walls diagonally 4 times before changing direction. It is considered part of the second class of traps, along with the Lil' Scorcher, and because of this costs more to upgrade across all levels.


The Ricochet looks like a giant gloved fist.

  • Level 1-6: Normal look
  • Level 7-14: Add a golden band around the wrist
  • Level 15-35: Add diamond studs around the wrist
  • Level 36-46: Add teeth band around the wrist
Ricochet-1st Ricochet-2nd Ricochet-3rd
Ricochet 4th
Level 1-6
Level 7-14
Level 15-36
Level 36-46


  • The Ricochet's name is literal, due to the ricochet ability of it.

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