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Guild seasons are guild competitions consisting of 10 regular guild battles. The more battles that are won by the guild helps the guild win better rewards. If a guild wins any prize the reward will not be split between the guild members but will rather be distributed to each individual member of the guild.


Each guild fights 10 regular guild battles. The more battles won, the higher the eventual rewards. When a guild wins a reward all members of the guild will receive it except for newcomers. This is to prevent players from effectively "stealing" rewards, by only joining a guild at the end of a Season and receiving rewards without contributing to the guild. Every guild can take part in this competition if it was created before the Season had started or during the first guild battle of the Season. Each season also introduces a new one-time unique outfit/costume that is only obtainable if the guild gets the best possible prize.


The rewards and criteria are as follows:

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Each guild member receives the entirety of the rewards, and not a portion of them. Each Season lasts for approximately 1 month. (10 battles at 3 days each)

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