The Spinner (a.k.a. Blue Guardian) is a mobile trap that pisses off the player whose thief hits it. It moves on an anticlockwise circular path. Its radius can be changed, but the Spinner will not keep its angular velocity, not resulting in a faster travel speed.

The Spinner is known for being the fastest moving trap in the game, as well as being able to cover a large proportion of pixels present on the device's screen. Because of its high distance/time ratio and the fact that it can be positioned and oriented in many different ways (one is able to manipulate the center of rotation, initial orientation, and radius of the Spinner) it is often used to create small windows of opportunity and set up spawn traps.

Since the Spinner is a movable trap, it will almost always screw up the Seeker Bird's pathing.


One-eyed blue circulated ball that has a ring of thorns.


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