See, the rumors were true. The totems regain their powers over time. I bet you will find more of them in the future.

–Geffi realized that totems can regain their powes

2016-07-04 19.31.24
Totem performing ritual


Game Mechanic

Totems are used to fuse gems, as you only have limited gem storage space and separately-collected gems will not stack. When all 8 of a totem's teeth are used (each tooth represents one ritual), you need to play on the campaign mode until you find a new dungeon with a totem. You do not necessarily have to move on: some players remain in dungeons (particularly if their current dungeon is very good) to upgrade their traps and castle upgrades to higher levels.

Totems will also have value caps on the maximum value of the gem placed in it, to prevent a player from exploiting the percent increases to massively increase values of large gems.

The length of rituals increases as the player moves through the map, and caps at 12 hours.

The default chances of stealing a gem from a totem are 50%, 25%, and 5%, based on the number of stars the player achieved. These chances can be manipulated by the gem steal chance given by some thrones and the castle upgrade Gem Defense Chance.

The skill tree upgrade Strong Tooth gives a chance between 5-25% to keep the tooth after a successful ritual. Because this may force the player to stay in a bad dungeon longer than they have to, this upgrade is considered to be the weakest one to upgrade.


  • Although all totems have different designs, it does not make a difference to the quality or the speed of the enhancing: although the further into the campaign map you get, the longer gems take to enhance.
  • The early totems will give a percent increase to gems placed inside of them. This is to encourage players to continue playing the game. The first totem will add 100% to the gem's current value. The second totem will add the two gem's values together, and add 50%. The third totem will add the three gem's values together, and add 20%. From then on, the totems will just add the three gem's totals together.
    • These bonuses are also the only way to achieve gems that have values not ending in 0 or 5, with the exception of semi-perfect and larger gems.
  • Only the chest has a hitbox that the thief can touch to complete a raid. The rest of the totem is only visual.
  • The totem can effectively be used as 3 extra gem slots, but be warned that when a totem breaks, a gem may be auto-sold since the totem can no longer be used to store the new gem created from the ritual.

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